Aqua Chalecodny Pendants

These pendants are sold by weight. Every pieced is hallmarked 925. Using Aqua Chalecodny of fine Grade. Sample images shown below.

What would you get: Assorted quality Aqua Chalecodny Pendants, sample images provided below.
You can either order:
A) Plain Aqua Chalecodny Pendants: Simple plain silver setting accross the gemstone.
B) With WorkAqua Chalecodny Pendants: Having silver work around the gemstone.

Only natural and quality moonstone gemstones setted in sterling silver

Minimum Order: 250 grams and further in lots of 500 grams , 1000 grams and so on.
Delivery Time: Any quantity is shipped within 5 working days.
Ordering Code : ACPA
Recommended To : Aqua Chalecodny is an excelent value for money. A fine blue lines gives a look rich. Recommended to every one.